Black Sabbath Tour 2016

The band who practically invented heavy metal music over 40 years ago has recently put out the announcement that their upcoming concerts will be their last. The final Black Sabbath tour 2016 has been dubbed “The End”. If you want to get in on this historic event tickets are now on sale. This will be your final chance to see this trend setting band perform on the stage in person.

These guys are well known for their catchy and hard-hitting guitar riffs and the controversial and sometimes dark subjects that they cover in their lyrics. This last group of shows will feature most of the band’s original members. This lineup of course includes Ozzy Osbourne who is the most well-known member of the group to the public at large.

This is set to be there most extravagant live show up to date. They will be taking their production values to the next level, they will be on par if not better with all of the other big name bands of today. Once the final curtain has closed, that will be the end of your chances to see these historic rockers play live. As of today they have put out a total of 24 dates, the first of which is going to take place on 20 January. The location chosen was not an accident for this first show. Omaha Nebraska is one of the most popular areas for heavy metal music, and out of respect for this longtime haven of metal fans the band decided to play their first show here.

So far they have announced dates all over the United States, and they also plan to play shows in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada. As of right now the last show their last concert will happen in New Zealand on April 30. Unfortunately for the European fans, it doesn’t look like any shows are going to be played in any European countries.

What have the guys who are going to be going on this final Black Sabbath tour 2016 been up to recently? Ozzy Osbourne as you probably know has a wildly successful solo music career. He and his family currently reside in Los Angeles California. They are well known due to their stint on MTV on the show called the Osbournes.

Their lead guitarist Tony Iommi has been having a lot of trouble in his fight with cancer as of late. He is currently living in England, and it’s due to Tony’s health problems that Black Sabbath is not always able to perform live as much as they would like to. The last time we saw Sabbath on the road was from 2012 until 2014. They managed to clock in at 84 live shows total. With their final show being in Birmingham London which is where the band was created.